full page panel from New Avengers vol. 2 #28 showing the Marvel heroes rushing forward in a clockwise circle from the 9 o'clock position (with name labels next to them): Blue Marvel, Falcon as Captain America (labeled Captain America), Luke Cage, White Tiger, She-Hulk, Spectrum and Power Man, in the centre is Spider-Man, White Tiger is in a jump kick, She-Hulk is rushing forward with one leg bent foward but it looks like she has no waist or back leg, Spectrum's legs look disconnected from her

Random limbs everywhere

pointless-nonsense submitted:

White Tiger looks a little off, if I'm correctly interpreting her anatomy then Spectrum has kind of a centaur woman thing going, and I can't figure out how She-Hulk is oriented to be so well hidden behind Spider-Man's leg.

I feel like Spider-man's weird wonky leg is specifically drawn to obscure She-Hulk's body because without it it would be obvious her body just kinda disappears into a single leg?

And yeah, Spectrum looks like she's just flying apart at the seams, I cannot figure her out, it just looks like her body parts are everywhere.  Is that supposed to be her butt behind her shoulder?

Absolutely wild.

(Page from New Avengers vol. 2 #28, Marvel Comics)