Redraw submission and Commenting Guidelines

I’m writing this because sometimes the redraws generate a lot of controversy and even hostility (and hate mail to me) and I want to clear the air about them and how I see their place on the blog.  I’m okay if people aren’t okay with the redraws, but I’m hoping some clearer guidelines may help things along.

I see the redraws as fan participation in the fun of this blog (because this blog was started to be about having fun, even if it is about critiquing media), and also having a chance to see what individuals want (speaking for themselves, nobody else), and what sort of takes they come up.  It’s always interesting how different people can come up with different, but equally neat, takes on how a scene or character could be portrayed or dressed more effectively.

Except in extreme situations (where Ithink the redraw is not on topic, in bad taste, or a deliberate troll attempt to take advantage of me wanting to include everybody), I’ll post all redraws submitted to me.  I do not necessarily endorse them as improvements or what people “should” or “must” draw like, nor do I endorse the commentary in them (though, I will edit them for content occasionally), and they should be taken as expressions of individual fans.  

However, if you submit a redraw, I will request that you not put down the original artist (say that they are a bad person, a terrible artist, don’t deserve to have a job, etc), and talk constructively about what you saw as an issue and what you’ve changed.   As well, please do not use any problematic language, put down actual women when you post, or talk about how big breasts (or small breasts) or other body shapes are “unrealistic”.   I may edit your commentary to remove such language, or ask you to resubmit.

If you change the body proportions of the character, please do not use body shaming language or judge a body type as being “right” or “wrong”.  I see such changes as merely the redrawer wanting to see more variety of women’s body types in media and not a judgement of women’s bodies.  Please keep your commentary that way. :)

When commenting on a redraw, please don’t personally attack the redrawer, put them down, or insult them.  If you have criticism, please keep it constructive, and remember, they are an amateur who is trying to learn, and improve.   If you’re unsure of their intent about a change, please ask them before assuming the worst.  And again, no problematic language or body shaming.

I want the redraws to be a fun experience for everybody involved.  They are ultimately, amateur fan art, and I hope people can keep that in mind when evaluating and submitting them. :)