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A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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cover of Vampirella vol. 5 #17 from Dynamite Comics showing Vampirella holding a skull in front of a castle, she's drawn with her shoulders pushed up and her back arched out, her back is arched at 90 degrees and her stomach is sucked in so it's inverted

Vampires Can Have Rubber Torsos Too

Poor Vampirella.  I think she's been fasting for too long and desperately needs blood. D:

(Variant cover of Vampirella vol. 5 #17, Dynamite Comics)

panel from X-Force vol. 1 #43 showing Siryn (orange haired woman with long ponytail in a green and yellow skintight suit) jumping up with one leg out and the other bent at the knee and pressed against her thigh with her foot almost covered by her butt, her back is bent 90 degrees

Stecky Has Company

As a follow up to Stecky, I looked through the rest of the comic and why is every single woman unable to like stand or move without arching her back at 90 degrees and thrusting out he

panel from X-Force vol. 1 #43 with a woman in a club standing with her head back and smiling saying "My name is Stecky! What's yours?" her body is in a tight red dress and bent like a tetris block, with her upper back and chest going from left to right in a diagonal, then her lower back under her chest going right to left in another diagonal, then her legs are forward again under her hips from left to right

Beware of Stecky

I assume Stecky is the name of the brand of macaroni that she's clearly turning into?

(Panel from X-Force vol. 1 #43, Marvel Comics)

cover of Soulfire: Collected Edition showing a green haired girl with fairy wings in a green tight crop top and green tight pants, her hips are pointed to the right with her legs going left, her breasts and chest are pointing left, and her torso is stretching to connect the two and makes her look like a rubber tetris block

Faerie Tetris Block

Lifehack: When you run out of hand cranks, you can ask a faerie to bend herself at right angles as a quick replacement.

(Cover of Soulfire: Collected Edition, Aspen Comics, submitted by anonymous)

cover of Agents of Atlas vol. 2 #5 showing Spider-Man fighting Gorilla Man (a giant ape that is wearing a shirt and pants), Wolverine fighting Human Robot (a metallic 60s style robot guy) and Ms. Marvel (Carol danvers in the black outfit) fighting Namora, Namora's back is bent 90 degrees at her waist with her butt thrusting back, and Carol is grabbing her in a boobs and butt pose with her butt thrust out and both cheeks visible with the barcode covering Carol's butt

Boobs, Butt, and Barcode Pose

I saw this cover and had to see what Carol's butt and legs looked like without the barcode blocking it and it's not much better.  If anything the barcode blocking the rest of her just focuses us more on her butt and how dislocated it is from her body. 

cover of White Widow #5 from Absolute Comics with White Widow (a white haired woman without a mask wearing a skin tight white spider-man style costume that is hugging her body so tightly you can see both her butt cheeks separated and her breast), she is sitting on top of a gargoyle with her butt thrust back into it and her face looking at her phone which she's holding, her eyes are wide and her face looks like she's surprised or shocked, she is sitting in a way that looks like a porn cowgirl pose

Vibrating Ridged Gargoyle

My friend saw this cover and remarked facetiously "And they let you sell that to anyone? Without a bag over it?" because at a glance it looks very much like something else is going on.