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A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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Game art of Minerva from Elsword, blonde haired pale-skinned anime style girl in a white top and black short shorts holding an assault rifle in her far hand as she jumps in the air in a severe boobs and butt pose where her torso and lower half are facing in almost completely opposite directions

Can you be stuck in quicksand in the air?

Submitted by Anonymous

Can you be stuck in quicksand and forced to boobs and butt to defend yourself if you're flying in the air?  I think this woman is googling that question as we speak.

3 comic panels, on the bottom left panel is Lady Death saying "By all that is Unholy!" and her stomach is practically non-existent, on the right is a large panel where Purgatori (red skinned black haired demon woman) shouts "ATTACK! Raze this overdecorated hovel to the bare earth! Leave nothing unravaged!" and Lady Death is facing her in the front of the panel with her butt very clearly facing the audience and seemingly disconnected from her torso in front, she is shouting "Purgatori!"

Independence Butts

Although I'm not American, it is Independence Day for Americans, so in that spirit, have some panels of Lady Death and Purgatori's butts attempting to break free of their bodies and declare independence.

ad for Idle Huntress oath ring pack for $19.99 showing a blonde anime girl with short hair in a wedding dress that's backless and buttless showing her full butt in a white lace thong and then the dress continues at the bottom cupping her butt cheeks like a bra

TFW you put your dress on backwards and on your butt

Picture submitted by Anon

Guest caption by my best friend, Trish: You can lead a bride to her wedding dress, but you can't make her put it on the right way.

(Screenshot of Oath Ring Pack promo for Idle Huntress, BluStar Games)

comic panel depicting Lady Death (pale white skinned woman with white hair in a black bra top and black thigh highs and long gloves with a black and red cape) shooting lightning and yelling "There! It is Done!" her stomach is organless and her torso is in a 90 degree centaur pose

Lady Death melting in every panel

Submitted by Anonymous

I guess she's Lady Death so she doesn't need organs, and it's probably fine and normal for her butt to slide off or her body to twist into a Tetris block while fighting.