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A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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article in PSM issue 50 (Oct. 2001) about SSX tricky showing a blonde haired girl drawn in comic book style on a snowboard showing boobs and butt with boobsocks hugging each breast

SSX Chilly

Since we're now getting into the dead of winter in the Northern Hemisphere, this feels appropriate.  Besides the boobs and butt and vacuum-sealed clothing, as somebody who lives in a cold snowy place, I'm just thinking she must be pretty cold. D:

panel from Purgatori vs Vampirella showing Purgatori (red skinned black haired naked woman) stabbing a dude through the chest with her butt pushed out behind her and her back bent 90 degrees, her breasts are covered by the dude's leg.  She says "You are an enemy of Jade as well? Then I will fight alongside you, pretty one, even though you debase yourself by dealing with human fleshbags!"

Strawberry Gummy Fight

I think Purgatori's celebrating Valentine's Day early by attempting to contort her body into a heart shape.

That or she's turning into some sort of strawberry flavoured gummy snack.  One or the other.

ad for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of the Sky: Northern War anime showing a blonde anime girl in a black jacket and dark armor and green pants standing in the snow in a boobs and butt pose looking backward at the viewer

A unique boobs and butt pose

At least full credit that she's not in boob plate armor, so I guess it's kind of a unique boobs and butt pose for a heroine.

(Ad for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Northern War, Tatsunoko Production & Nihon Falcom)

panel from Maximage #2 comic showing a black haired woman with long arms and a tiny torso bent in at the back with her butt sticking out with no room for organs and her spin over 90 degrees bent talking to a red haired woman in a skimpy outfit who is 12 heads tall


Tbf, if I saw a 10-head-tall rubber woman about to fold in half backwards, I would look pretty shocked too.

(Panel from Maximage #2, Image Comics, submitted by possessedpumpkin)

promo art for Goddess of Victory: Nikke showing several girls with boobsocks runnign at the camera, on the right is a girl with a low cut top with her breasts about to spill out entirely

In the future wars are fought by lingerie models

I think in this world soldiers get a choice of either boobsock uniforms that vacuum seal to your breasts, or boob windows so extreme that your breasts threaten to spill out if you even take a step much less shoot a gun.

chromium trading card 13 of Cyblade from Cyber Force showing her running forward with her butt way above her head

Escher Cards

Imagining the conversation between kids with these cards:

"I'll trade you rubber butt runaway boob Cyblade for your organless Tetris-spine Cyblade!"

"No way, I already have 69 of those!"