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This is a blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous, impossible or disturbing ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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page from Wynonna Earp #1 of a blonde white woman with big hair, she is standing with her butt facing the audience and her back bent and thrusting her butt out

I don't remember this in the TV show

Submitted by Anon

Getting stuck in quicksand at the same time you're being turned 2-dimensional and folded up must suck.

(Page from Wynonna Earp #1, Image Comics)

cover of Avengelyne Dragon Realm #2 with Avengeline (white woman with an orange/brown long high ponytail wearing black strips across her chest and thighs and fishnet on her torso and pulled up in an atomic wedgie on her uncovered butt) riding bareback on a spiky dragon with wings, spikes behind her butt and in front and presumably sticking into her

Dragons: not to be taken internally

Given where the spikes on the back would be and her lack of any kind of pants... OUCH. x_x  I'm getting sympathy pains.

Dragons: not to be taken internally

(Cover of Avengelyne: Dragon Realm #2, Avatar Press)

cover of Equinox Chronicles #1 with a pale white skinned woman with black hair in a yellow dress kneeling on the ground, behind her is a blonde woman with an eyepatch and a white shirt and blue capris and in a boobs and butt pose

Thunderboobs and butt

Oh no can Agent 006.9 Jamie Bond escape from the evil clutches of Dr. Boobs and Butt???

(Cover of Equinox Chronicles #1, Innovation Publishing)

cover of Lookers #7 with a blonde woman on a motorbike in the foreground and a brunette in the background, both are bent over and looking behind at the audience, the blonde woman's breast barely covered in black is showing coming out of her side and next to her hip

Faster than the speed of boobs

Submitted by Anon

Driving so fast their bodies are flying apart.  Impressive.

(Cover of Lookers Ember #7, Boundless Comics)

cover of "Alan Moore's Glory" #1 by Avatar Press, in the background is a white skinned (literal white) woman with green lips looking to the left with her breasts pushed up together with no support by the sides of her outfit with a diamond boob window, to her right in the foreground is Glory (white haired woman in a backless red bustier and cape with red thigh highs and no pants, holding a sword on her far left hand with her right hand reaching toward the audience and her back bent at 90 degrees

Dedicated Math Teachers

These two women are actually math teachers.  They're trying to teach us about circles and right angles.  Especially Glory, she really wants us to learn about right angles, and she's willing to rubberize herself to do it.

cover of Avengelyne & Warrior Nun Areala #1 with Avengelyne (orange haired light skinned woman) in a black crop top vest covering her breasts and black arm coverings wearing a black thong, holding a sword with her butt pointing to the right intersecting with Areala (pale skinned woman in a nun habit and boob window and cropped black top showing her torso)'s butt, it looks like Areala's butt and belts are between Avengelyne's buttcheeks

Hungry Hungry Butts

Submitted by Anonymous

It looks almost like Avengelyne's butt is devouring Areala's belt and possibly trying to devour her whole afterwards.

(Cover of Avengelyne/Areala #1, Maximum Press)