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A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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cover of Dart 2 showing Dart (blonde woman in a skintight silver outfit that hugs every curve, it ends at her pelvis and digs into her crotch) sitting on the ground with one leg up, her torso is tinier than her neck, she's holding a whip that's coiled around her neck and held by a woman standing in front of the audience viewpoint, Dart visible between her legs

Poor Dart

Poor Dart being utterly constricted and strangled... and oh yeah she's also being choked by that whip woman.

Also, I think her right leg is falling off and, ouch, the metal wedgie implied by her crotch area >_<

cover of Phoenix vol. 2 #1 showing Jean as the Phoenix in a green and yellow skintight outfit with thigh high yellow boots and flaming hair, she is floating in space in an S pose wher her torso is going vertically down until swerving 90 degrees to the right for her hips and butt to jut out while her legs head back the opposite direction, her spine appears bent 90 degrees

The Phoenix, now in Tetris form!

You've heard of X-Men vs. Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom, now we bring you... X-Men vs. Tetris!

(Cover of Phoenix vol. 2 #1, Marvel Comics)

ad for Code Geass showing Lelouch (dark haired anime boy) in a white suit lying on a bed with one leg up, next to him is C.C. (green haired anime girl) in a tight white dress, she is propped up on her arms next to him but her torso is flat on the bed wiht both butt cheeks facing the audience despite her body not allowing for that

C.C. spelling her name with her body

C.C. considerately showing us how to spell her name by turning her body into two Cs (all the while probably in excruciating pain) >_>

(Ad for Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Sunrise)

promo image for game "Curse Crackers: For Whom The Belle Toils" showing the game logo and a cute bronze round mascot with big eyes above it, on the right is a pink haired anime style girl with a blue eye mask and a blue scarf wearing a blue strapless leotard and jumping up with her hand reaching up at the audience viewpoint, her body is bent behind her ballet style with one leg back and her torso bent backwards and another leg bent at the knee and her foot sticking out behind her butt

Air Ballet

Apparently the Belle toils at mid-air ballet.  That's a lot of work for a boobs and butt angle.  She deserves a tip.

back cover of Avengelyne vol. 4 #2 showing Avengelyne (white woman with curly brown hair in a black skintight outfit cut at the waist and fishnets) fighting a big monster, she is jumping with her legs verticale and her torso horizontal, however her stomach is also vertical and bends 90 degrees above her navel as her stomach and torso becomes paper thin in a literal 90 degree bend so her chest and head can face the monster

Paper Avengelyne

I think Avengelyne deflated?  Or she's made of gum or something.  My friend said "she looks like a fibonacci spiral" when they saw this. xD

Maybe she's auditioning to be in the Paper Mario remake.

screenshot of High Speed Etoile episode 4 showing 2 racers (3d anime models) standing in front of their cars, one is Ben Emmerich who is a dark skinned man wearing a grey and purple racing suit, the other on the left is Sophia B. Tokitou who is a blonde white woman in a grey racing suit that hugs her breasts and has a boob window cutout at the bottom of her breasts to show her under-cleavage

Underboob Windows Make You Go Faster, Actually

Me and my BFF were watching Highspeed Etoile (which is a racing anime and also not very good) and she was like "what is Sophia wearing" and I'm like yeah what is that... it's like an underboob window racing suit.