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A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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panel from Catwoman vol 2 #53 showing Selina Kyle wearing a long green shirt that goes past her hips hiding behind a chimney on a room watching a guy with a machete below her, she's lying down in a boobs and butt pose with her butt facing to the left and showing both buttcheeks under her shirt to the audience, and her chest tilted upwards and facing the audience viewpoint

Catwoman in a true cat pose

This must be one of those continuities where Selina has cat powers because that explains how she's stretching out her torso and butt like that.

(Panel from Catwoman vol. 2 #53, DC Comics, submitted by anonymous)

crop of X-Men vol. 7 #1 showing Psylocke in a black skintight suit holding her purple psychic blade katana, she is standing upright but her butt is thrust out at her hips and her crotch is offset to her body so she looks kind of like a centaur in order to make her look like she has more of a butt, her stomach is very tiny

Psylocke, are you ok?

Uh, Psylocke, are you okay?  Are your clothes too tight?  Are you turning into an emu? D:

(Cover of X-Men vol. 7 #1, Marvel Comics, submitted by anonymous)

panel from teen titans vol 4 #7 showing Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Girl) in a red leotard, she's stretched out in a flying pose with her arms out and her back bent a bit, her back leg is bent at the knee and her foot basically shoved into her butt while the other leg is stretched out

That's one way to motivate yourself to fly faster

Despite the degree of difficulty of the foot-in-butt style and how long it took for trainers to dislodge her foot from her ass after, Wonder Girl unfortunately still only managed a bronze in diving at the Superhero Olympics.

cover of Uncanny X-Men #351 showing Cecilia, a black girl with brown dreads in a yellow and blue jumpsuit with the yellow top part going into her butt as a thong and separating her butt cheeks which are in blue leggings, her butt is thrust back and her torso is extremely flat and thin like a piece of paper

More Adventures of Taffy Girls

She's like a stick of gum that's been in the sun too long.  Or like a novelty bottle opener.  Or some sort of taffy statuette made for an art project.