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A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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start screen for Legend of Agress video game showing a white haired woman in a V cut bustier holding her hand out toward the audience viewpoint with her back arched, on the right side of the screen is a ninja girl with a mask and a blue hood and blue bustier facing away from the audience with her waist extremely cinched in toher butt flaring out

Legend of what

I think they knew what word they wanted to follow "The Legend of..." but were told they had to fantasy it up a bit so they added the "gre" in the middle, and also used the pinch tool several times on the ninja girl's torso    to make sure we unde

textless cover art for Grimm Fairy Tales: Wonderland #31 showing a blonde girl in a black mad hatter hat and black corset top with belt straps holding it across her chest and a red skirt made of ribbons fighting another girl, the mad hatter girl is possibly in a boobs and butt pose except she has no butt and is just apparently legs

The mythical boobs and no butt pose

Does it count as a boobs and butt pose if she has no butt?  And I don't mean she has a very small one, I think it might actually be missing. D:

(Cover art of Grimm Fairy Tales: Wonderland #31, Zenescope Entertainment)

ad promotion for Eudemons Goddess Awakening showing a pink haired woman with light skin in a white dress barely covering her breasts and butt standing in a boobs and butt pose where her butt seems to be on the side of her body

Peace vs Chaos

*English teacher voice*

The dove-like white bird is a symbol of peace which is in contrast to her body, which is a symbol of chaos.

(Eudemons Online, TQ Digital Entertainment)

ad for Mega Goddess showing 7 pale skinned women in various bustiers and other fantasy clothes showing their breasts, they are holding weapons, on the far left is a blue haired girl in a white hood and white bikini top and a thong belt holding a knife and jumping away in a boobs and butt pose

More of a boobs and belts pose

Besides that the blue-haired girl's breasts are on the side of her body to make the boobs and butt pose, I think this is a world where the more belts you have the more status you have.  And the blue-haired girl is clearly by far the most important pers

ad for Tokyo Gameshow 2022 showing a green haired anime girl floating with her feet facing the audience viewpoint, she is in a boobs and butt pose

Stylish butt angle

Not quite a boobs and butt pose, but still doesn't look very comfy.  I love her style though.

(Ad for Tokyo Game Show 2022, submitted by anon)

cover of Rob Zombie's Spookshow International #1 showing a woman in a black bikini and short shorts being grabbed by monsters, her torso is sucked in and looks like a tiny flat piece of rubber

TFW skeletons turn your torso to taffy

I think their spell to remove her internal organs is already working.  Also it seems kinda chilly in that graveyard.

(Cover of Rob Zombie's Spookshow International #1, CrossGen Entertainment, submitted by anonymous)

ad for League of Pantheons that says "Welcome to League of Pantheons" with 2 anime girls in the foreground, one in a white dress with white hair standing up and arching her back forward, the other a girl with light blue hair and horns in a black backless dress standing in a side boob and butts pose with her back arched 90 degrees, and in the background is a blonde girl in a blue dress standing up with her back swayed backwards 90 degrees

The greatest video game title ever made

Besides that every girl is bent backwards even standing up like a reed being blown in the wind, that title is a work of art.  That is the greatest most redundant game title ever created, no more games can be named because it's been perfected.

art for Ragnabreak: Deity Wars video game showing a green haired anime-style girl with white angelwings in white bustier armor with white trim and a white short skirt and red boots, she is holding a giant sword above her head while jumping up in a boobs and butt pose

Runaway butt

I... I think her entire butt and legs have just detached themselves from her body and are trying to make a break for it.  Maybe that's the "break" part in "Ragnabreak".

(Art from Ragnabreak/Deity Wars, Crooz Inc., submitted by anon)