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A blog to archive and showcase the prevalence of certain ways women are depicted in illustrated pop media, such as how women are posed, drawn, distorted, and/or sexualized out of context, often in ridiculous ways that sacrifice storytelling.

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textless comic cover of "Grimm Fairy Tales: Neverland - Age of Darkness #3" from Zenescope Entertainment showing a brunette fairy girl wearing a green bikini outfit jumping with a sword in her outstretched right hand held behind her in a severe boobs and butt pose where her butt seems twisted completely to the side of her hip, in front of her is a blonde girl in a grey jumpsuit holding two daggers in either hand

That Fairy's pose is certainly Grim

If it wasn't for where the blonde woman's eyes were looking, I'd think she was flinging that fairy in a boobs and butt pose.  That would be pretty grim.

photograph of cover of an art book titled "Super Heroines" by Hubert De Lartigue showing an illustrated (realistic style) white woman in a white and blue trimmed plastic-looking space helmet and in a white and blue-strimmed sci fi body suit with cups over each breasts, she is holding a sci fi gun in either hand and jumping in a boobs and butt pose, also her belt looks like it might be a thong digging between both butt cheeks

Atomic Wedge Powered Jetpack

I don't know what's weirder, her boobs and butt pose or that her cool futuristic space outfit also has stiletto heels.

Anyway, I assume her suit is powered by the energy produced from that atomic wedgie she's sporting.

panel from Wonder Woman vol. 2 #98 of Artemis (during her Wonder Woman phase) jumping at Diana (in her phase where she wore a black bikini top and black tight bike shorts with a blue jacket) and kicking her in the back, Diana's waist is about the size of her neck as she bends almost 90 degrees from the impact on her knees while Artemis' body is kind of folded and her neck tucked in

Super Chiropractic

Artemis is such a good friend, she saw Diana was having back issues and gave her a super back adjustment to try to help.

(Panels from Wonder Woman vol. 2 #93 and 98, DC Comics)

cover of "Crossed Wires #3" from Bluewater Comics that reads "Doom Slayer vs 10th Muse" showing a blonde woman in a red bikini jumping up with her legs splayed backwards and her chest thrust up with her back arched, her head is looking down at her breasts and appears disconnected behind her shoulders, in front of her is a blonde woman jumping with her legs pressed against her butt and her hand reaching towards the audience viewpoint

TFW your body is traced from porn but your head isn't

I'm assuming what's going on with the blonde woman in the red swimsuit is her pose was traced from porn, but it wouldn't make sense to have her head be in the same position as the source material so they had to improvise.

textless cover of grimm fairy tales age of darkness volume 4 showing a woman with long black hair flowing behind her and wearing black rimmed glasses thrusting a sword at the audience viewpoint, her breasts are visible in a V neck blue top and she is wearing thigh high red boots, her torso is going to our right while her legs left hip is pointed in the opposite direction and her leg is going to the left, she is ostensibly crouching but her legs don't look connected to her hips and torso

TFW you're melting but also stabby

When your legs are melting but you really need to stab somebody.

This looks extremely uncomfortable and not at all threatening.

(Cover of Grimm Fairy Tales: Age of Darkness TPB vol. 4, Zenescope Entertainment)

ad for Queen's Blade showing 2 anime girls kicking their legs into the air with their chests and bottom halves cropped out and the text reading "We can't show the full picture in an ad" and "The long-awaited game version. Feel the fighting spirit surge and burst through your Beautiful Warriors' fight armors."

Too Non-Euclidean for Advertising

I'm assuming not showing us the full picture is to preserve our sanity because if our corporeal brains tried to comprehend their poses in the full picture they'd explode.