cover of catwoman 80th anniversary showing Catwoman in her black skintight outfit ala Michelle Pfeifer in Batman Returns but with cut outs at her armipits so there's skin showing, her outfit is otherwise skintight hugging both her breasts and her sucked in stomach, her back/hips flare out at an almost 90 degree angle under her ribs to her butt, one leg seems to be coming out from under her crotch

TFW you have freshly shaved pits and really want to show them off

TFW you paid a lot of money to get uncomfortably vacuum-sealed into your costume, possibly dislocating your leg in the process, but you also really want to show off your freshly shaved pits.

(Cover of Catwoman 80th Anniversary: Super Spectacular #1, DC Comics, submitted by hieroglyphic-lion)