cover of novel "The OP MC 2" featuring a red haired pale skinned woman with a white strip of cloth across her breasts, and a black string bikini bottom, her arms and shoulders are covered in armor, as are her legs, her back is bent to thrust out her chest and she is in a crouching/sitting position on a rock holding a sword between her legs

Supply chain shortages hurts fantasy worlds too

Submitted by Anonymous

So the possibilities are:

1) supply chain shortages are so widespread they've hit fantasy worlds too

2) she has like an Achilles thing going on and her mom dipped her in invincible juice as a baby but only on the torso and her legs and arms are the only vulnerable parts of her

3) this is a video game RPG situation where she rolled a bunch of high level bracers and gauntlets in loot boxes early but hasn't been able to get any decent chest armor or pants (that or it's one of those things where the bandeaux and thong are actually super high level with a million state bonuses)

The weight of the shoulder armor doesn't seem to be helping her posture much though, and obviously distracting her too much to practice good sword safety.

(Cover of novel The OP MC 2: God of Winning by Logan Jacobs)