cropped cover of NiER #1, the comic book adaptation from Wildstorm of the first game showing the title "NIER" at the top and a white haired man with a big sword holing it over his shoulder like a baseball bat, behind him is a white haired woman in a blue nightie and stocksing, she has her torso and chest tilted to our right but her butt tilted to the left showing both buttcheeks to us in a boobs and butt pose (her butt is offset to her torso almost 90 degrees to the side basically)

The butt is so NiER yet so far from connecting

haveievermentioned submitted:

"Kaine from the NieR promo comics by DC/Wildstorm.  I will defend the outfit as the game  not only justifies it but genuinely ties it into her character development and backstory.  (this isn't me being facetious, go play NieR) however... the rest of it is just so off.  Including the face.  Kaine doesn't ever even get CLOSE to that kind of expression."

This is what happens when you're setting up your display of battle lingerie because corporate says the next big thing is sexy barbarian chic, but also you can't quite get the legs and butt to fit together with the top of the mannequin and you're like, whatever, it's my last day anyway, and it's almost closing...

(Cover of NiER #1, Wildstorm Productions & DC Comics)