page from 10th Muse Demonslayer 1 showing Demonslayer (brunette in a red bikini) and 10th Muse (blonde in a purple and blue two piece jumpsuit) fighting each other, in the top panel Demonslayer is swinging a sword while Muse is kicking at her, in the second panel Demonslayer punches Muse as she flies towards the audience viewpoint, in the 3rd panel Demonslayer jumps at Muse with the audience viewpoint from behind her looking straight up at her butt and crotch with her legs spread wide

Capturing the most important details

As my friend said when they saw this: "it's amazing to see something try so hard at titillation and sexiness and fail so thoroughly".

On the other hand, it is extremely funny.

(Panels from 10th Muse/Demonslayer #1, Avatar Press)