russian ad for Knight's Fable video game showing a blonde woman in bikini boobplate armor on the right and a purple skinned girl with white hair with dragon wings and scales conveniently covering her breasts and crotch area, she is bending her beck in a 90 degree centaur pose

Battle Bikinis and Tetromino Girls

Submitted by Anon

The glowing crotch eyes on the Demon Woman confirms my theory that this is a world of living clothing.  They're just pretending to be people/demons by wearing dolls.  Obviously you can't have too much clothing on one doll or they'll fight with each other over control, so that explains the bikini armor.  Also sometimes they screw up the controls and bend the doll like a tetris block.

There, I've solved the ad.

(Russian ad for Knight's Fable, GTArcade)