cover of Batman/Superman World's Finest #1 showing Supergirl and Batgirl (drawn in the style of the Bruce Timm DC animated universe) both are dressed "street" style with low waisted 00s flared jeans and tub tops with bra straps showing, Supergirl's waist is heavily cinched in

Time warp back to the 2000s or 80s or... something

Submitted by Anon

This cover that just came out has been going around Twitter and as I said when I was shown it, the "Batman/Superman" title makes it seem like those aren't Kara and Babs but Clark and Bruce who got bimbofied or something by Mxyzptlk and now Batwoman and Power Girl are stuck raising two bratty teens (who are about to fall on their faces due to never tying their shoelaces).  Anyway, I think what's throwing me off about the whole thing is that the fashion screams 2000 but they don't have the exposed thong which I think violates some sort of temporal law.  And as pointed out on Twitter, the boombox is very 80s so there's a lot going on.

(Cover of Batman/Superman World's Finest #1, DC Comics)