image of two characters from Zone of the Enders one being a white haired man in a tight flight/pilot suit but without it showing any crotch details, the other being an orange haired girl with armor that stops at her breasts which are very boobsocked and hanging freely and her crotch is outlined in her tight suit
isolated pic of ken from Zone of the Enders, an orange haired anime girl in a skin tight suit with armor that encircles her breasts but doesn't cover them, her breasts are encased in skintight boobsocks allowing each breast to seemingly hang freely, her suit also outlines her crotch

Extreme Boobsock Piloting coming to ESPN this fall

Anonymous submitted:

Ken Marinaris was already the prime target of sexualization in the original Anubis: Zone of the Enders, but this cover art is my favorite.

Extreme boobsock piloting is actually a very important skill and should not be denigrated.  It's extremely important for the suit to be so vacuum sealed as to allow the breasts to move independently to access the controls.

(Art from Zone of the Enders, Konami)