Janet Van Dyne/The Wasp and Hank Pym/Yellow Jacket from classic Avengers where Janet is talking about how airheaded she is and lucky she is to have Hank while she is also in a boobs and butt pose (sitting on a couch) with a severe swivel waist

Swivel waist with bonus horribly sexist dialogue

Submitted by Filby:

From Avengers #213, the second-worst Avengers issue of all time, the one where Hank Pym abuses his wife Jan and gets kicked out of the Avengers. That isn’t lingerie, that’s her Wasp uniform.

Retro swivel waist Escher Girl with bonus horrible dialogue, and just the tip of the iceberg with the DV in the book too.  I'm scared to find out what the worst issue is... 

(Panels from Avengers #213, Marvel Comics)

Transcription for screen readers:

Panel 1:

Janet/Wasp: Alone at last!  Thank goodness!  It seems that we never have any time just to be together by ourselves, anymore!  You know, just to talk, and--

Hank/Yellow Jacket: I don't want to talk about my problems, Jan!

I know you mean well but--

Janet: But I'm "dingaling Jan, the Airhead Heiress"! Every time I try to help I just make things worse! I know!  I--I'm sorry!

Panel 2:

Janet: I always goof everything up... always say the wrong things!  I'm such a dumbbell!  It's a good thing I found you to think for me, darling!  You're so smart... so strong... mmm... so sexy!

All I want to do is melt in your arms... be yours!  I need you to protect me and keep me warm, lover!