People wanted me to re-introduce some of

People wanted me to re-introduce some of my favourite Escher Girls from the beginnings of this tumblr that might have gone ignored, so here we go… be careful what you wish for.

This one is definitely one of the most horrific I’ve seen.  It’s by Mike Deodato and at first, all I thought was that the costume was ridiculous and that she gets broken at the waist by the dragon, but then I realized… that’s her other butt cheek, that’s not empty white space… and then my brain broke in two.

Edit: Okay, some people have said that might be a stripe.  I’m looking hard at it and I can kinda see how that could be a stripe.  I hope it’s meant to be, it’s so hard to tell.  Regardless, she’s still broken at the waist (and yes the middle little woman is broken too).