page from "Team Innocent: The Point of No Return" PC-FX game that shows the English and Japanese titles at the top, and then the 3 girls at the bottom who are 3 anime girls with extremely long and thin bodies, their limbs like pipecleaners and tiny stomachs, one girl is thrusting her chest forward with her hips and butt thrust backwards and one leg bending inward
illustration from "Team Innocent: The Point of No Return" PC-FX game manual showing an anime girl with short white hair in a tight bodysuit with boobsocks jumping up from a ship rushing past her in the background, her chest is arced upward with her breasts facing up, separately encased, and her back bent so she's in a boobs and butt pose

Team Mantis Girls

This is from the manual of an old survival horror game (which in many ways feels like a predecessor to Resident Evil) and, looking through it, I was wondering if the heroines are themselves supposed to be cryptids... maybe some sort of terrifying mantis people.

(Illustrations from Team Innocent: The Point of No Return, Hudson Soft)