panel from Titans vol. 2 #33 showing Arsenal, Cinder (black hair Asian woman in a red catsuit) and Cheshire (black haired Asian woman in a green strapless dress and boots) sitting in chairs from an overhead viewpoint.  Arsenal is sitting in the chair with his legs spread, Cheshire with her legs crossed, and Cinder is lying sideways on her chair with her butt almost hanging off it like she's sliding off, her legs are on the ground
panel from Titans vol. 2 #36 showing Cinder, Cheshire, Deathstroke, and Arsenal in the cockpit of a plane arguing, Cinder is in red catsuit with red leggings
panel from Titans vol. 2 #36 showing Cinder in the seat of an airplane, we see it from the back side angle where we see her legs (which are bare in her boots) leaning up on the console and her head turned around on the chair back, but there is no place for her body according to the angle and where her legs are, her legs are literally coming out from under her chin

Cinder Cannot Sit In A Chair Normally

For some reason this comic has a real problem having Cinder sit in a chair normally.  But the panel with her suddenly apparently bottomless with her legs coming out of her chest is especially weird because in the very previous panel we see her in, she has pants on, then suddenly she doesn't.

Did she take them off?

Did her pants dissolve when her hips apparently did?

Did the dimensional portal her legs are apparently coming out of take her pants?

She's not telling.

(Panels from Titans vol. 2 #33 and #36, DC Comics)