ad for "Battle of Fate: Awakening" aka "Showdown of Fate" showing a purple haired anime girl in a nun type headdress with giant breasts coming out of her chest pointing sideways like a giant long white tube across her chest, one leg is lifted up and the text blocking her butt and legs says "Fight Against The Boss" but it's clear that her legs are not connected to her body behind the text
ad for "battle of fate: awakening" aka "Showdown of fate" showing a girl in a red military hat and red coat and black top with a pink and black hoop behind her with the text "level up with epic skins" blocked her legs but you can see her hips are thrusting out to the side next to her torso in a way where they'd be detached

More w*AI*fus

Apparently that game selling itself with AI generated art that I posted a couple weeks ago* sells itself under many different names, but it's all the same game and I assume all uses AI art for ads though the sad part is other than the messed up hands, so much of the art on these ads don't look much different than so much art on this blog.  It makes sense since the generators are probably fed similar images. 

Just like last time, the promo text is being used to hide what's going on with their legs and butt... but even the stuff that's not hidden is really weird, like the bottom girl's leg and the top girl's... um... marshmallow bodypillow on her chest?

(Ads for Showdown of Fate/Battle of Fate: Awakening, Unlimiteads)

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