cover of Scooby Apocalypse showing the Scooby gang falling down while surrounded by vines, Velma is falling down with her legs turned to the opposite of where her chest is going, Daphne is falling down with her legs in a running pose to the side

Apocalypses are scary even to legs

screaming-unicorn submitted:

I was at my local library when I spotted this interesting take on the gang.

I guess it takes an apocalypse to scare the bones right out of you.

I don't think it looks too bad, though the more I look at Daphne's right leg and Velma's legs the more I wonder how they attach.

At least Daphne's not in a boobs and butt pose like the other time her appearance in Scooby Apocalypse was submitted.

(Cover of Scooby Apocalypse vol. 3 TPB, DC Comics)