promo art for Legend of the Cryptids showing a blonde girl with large metal arm guards and pauldrons but she is wearing a half dress that goes up her body like a one shoulder singlet and covers barely her right breast, her leg breast is covered by a gold metal cup, her dress looks like it barely covers much under her waist but nothing explicit is shown, she is surrounded by guards looking at her

I think I'm losing my mind just looking at this

There's been a lot of ridiculous armor on this blog but I think this one might be one of the most bizarre?  How does any of that even stay on?  Did she glue that gold cup to her boob?  Is she even wearing any underwear?  Is she some sort of genderswap Achilles but her weak spots are her left nipple and her arms and that's why they're the most armored???

(Art from Legend of the Cryptids, Applibot Inc., submitted by anonymous)