ad for Soku Fantasy video game with an orange haired anime girl with floppy boobsocks in her space dress showing her panties as we view her from below, she has mecha leg coverings
close up of screen behind pantyshot girl in the Soku Fantasy ad with an anime girl in mecha armor with her breasts pushed up with underboob and a top covering her nipples and pulling up her breasts(?) and wearing a thong with nothing else except big mecha boots and wings

Angry boobsocks and pantyshot mecha girl about to punt you out of existence

Submitted by anon

She's mad enough with how uncomfortable her vacuum sealed boobsocks are, but trying to peep at her panties instead of paying attention to the important lecture on new developments in battlethongs and underboob armor is the last straw.

(Ad for Soku Fantasy, 4399en Game)