snippet of ad for Jerk Dolls that says "play Jerkdolls for Free Today" with anime figurine girls, on the left is a dark haired girl with a tiny thin body and giant breasts pushed up and in by her tight barely covering tube top like a balloon, the girl at the front has barely covered nipples and is holding her shirt in her mouth

Toy Story 7 going in some unusual directions

concerned_ishmael submitted via email :
Found this ad on a site. I wasn’t brave enough to click through and get more info. 
Anyway, what concerned me was the growth growing out the back of the middle gal, then realized it was really boob binding on the part of the dark haired gal. I don’t know about you, but that’s got to hurt.
Maybe they wouldn't be such jerks if they weren't forced to squish their boobs so painfully for our pleasure.  So truly, who are the real jerks, the dolls or society?  Alternate caption: making Toy Story 7 R-rated is a pretty bold move.