unrotated version of Catwoman 35 cover, the two women and Catwoman's eye viewpoints (which the cover is framed as us looking through) are sideways rotated 90 degrees with the ground of the characters perpendicular to the bottom of the cover
cover of Catwoman #35, part of the War Games mini-event, cover is rotated 90 degrees to better show the landscape view of Catwoman's goggles and 2 women in either "eye" wearing tight outfits, with boobsocks and in centaur poses

Catwoman's little known power: melty boobsock vision

Cover of Catwoman #35 (DC Comics).  I added a rotated version for less awkward viewing.  Given that those are Catwoman's eyes we're looking through and she's obviously not sideways because the ground is lined up too, maybe the explanation for the squished boobsocks and poses are due to gravity suddenly being shifted 90 degrees.