Aran from Maple Story in Fantasy War Tactics, white haired anime style girl wearing a green crop top for armor, her breasts pushed up in cleavage, her right shoulder appears separated from her body

Borrowing arrows with rubber girls?

sourossisa submitted:

his is a sprite of Aran from Maplestory, in a collaboration event with Fantasy War Tactics (this sprite being in FWT and not Maplestory). there are so many escher sprites in FWT, but considering i already know and like this character from maplestory- a game whos art style usually isnt realistic enough to contort the characters like this- its especially jarring. like… it looks like shes standing behind a mannequin that ends at the boobs. and that collarbone is making my own hurt just looking at it. i dont even want to get into the armor, its just…so bad….

Maybe it's a decoy... like the Zhuge Liang "borrowing 100,000 arrows with straw boats" gambit?  She's a rubber doll meant to be a target for archers because of her exposed boobs and stomach... the pushed-up cleavage especially is designed to absorb and capture arrows!