She-Hulk Wardrobe Malfunction

slashersivi submitted:


That is a serious wardrobe malfunction. And here’s what the top looked like some five pages prior:

And again in the next issue, the top is miraculously re-zippered. Well, not just that but the design itself appears like the zipper doesn’t go all the way down:

Most of the art in House of M is pretty tasteful, so why did She-Hulk get whammied like that?  I only noticed one other instance of WTF clothing, which was Ororo from the first issue in the arc:

Jan’s face says it all (though what she was saying in the speech bubble for real, not so much). Yeah that dress is suppose to be sexy, but how is she not falling out of it? (well, her right breast kinda is.)

This would make this guy very happy at least: