page from PLAY Magazine's Girls of Gaming showing Taki from Soul Calibury in a boobs and butt pose rushing to the right of the audience viewpoint, one her legs and butt is sticking out behind her near buttcheek and looks disconnected from her hip, her breasts are separately encased in her top and have their nipples showing through the fabric, seemingly with no bra

Just Like A Real Human

Apparently being a real human means your breasts are encased in your clothing like fruits and kinda float in the air like balloons.

(Page from Girls of Gaming vol. 1, PLAY Magazine)

Transcript of article for screen-readers:

Three Questions
Hiroaki Yotoriyama, Producer

What do you feel is the single most important aspect of character design?

Before creating a character design, firstly, we decide what kind of movement this character will have. For instance, will this character use two Japanese swords (katana), will he be able to move very fast, have a specialized kick movement, etc.?

What are you most proud of regarding the girls of Soul Calibur II?

Although I know that these girl characters are not actually human, we are proud that these characters seem to live inside the Soul Calibur II world as if it is real and they are really human.

Your favourite character ever (from any game)?

I don't have a specific favourite.  However, I like all character in which the character's movement matches the character's look and the player is able to control him/her comfortably - that is what makes a great character.