cover of Lady Death: Treacherous Infamy #1 from Coffin Comics that shows Lady Death (white skinned white haired woman with supernatural white eyes in a black leather corset and black thong with black thigh highs and elbow gloves), she's kneeling on the ground facing away from the viewer, her back arched out while holding a sword in her hands between her legs away from the viewer, her buttcheeks are both facing the audience and her lower leg and butt are much lower than the higher one and looks disconnected

March Caption Contest: TFW the battle is over and you really need to go

When you gotta go you gotta go. >_>

I feel like this picture has one really obvious caption, but I'm curious what others come up with.

So let's do a caption contest!  What's she doing/saying?  What's happening?  Be creative!

Captions can be submitted here in the Disqus comments or on Tumblr through reblog or reply, or through email at!

Funniest/most creative captions win! I'll pick the winners in 2 weeks.  Winners can choose a prize if they want (from extra Steam codes I've collected over the years) but you don't have to claim a prize if you just want to participate for fun!

Good luck everybody!

(Cover of Lady Death: Treacherous Infamy, Coffin Comics, submitted by anonymous)