cover of White Widow #5 from Absolute Comics with White Widow (a white haired woman without a mask wearing a skin tight white spider-man style costume that is hugging her body so tightly you can see both her butt cheeks separated and her breast), she is sitting on top of a gargoyle with her butt thrust back into it and her face looking at her phone which she's holding, her eyes are wide and her face looks like she's surprised or shocked, she is sitting in a way that looks like a porn cowgirl pose

Vibrating Ridged Gargoyle

My friend saw this cover and remarked facetiously "And they let you sell that to anyone? Without a bag over it?" because at a glance it looks very much like something else is going on.

Maybe it is.  Maybe that gargoyle has a very spiky beak and the building vibrates a lot.

(Cover of White Widow #5, Absolute Comics)