zoom of ad for Azur Lane game focusing on the white haired girl in a ponytail in a boobs and butt pose, she is wearing a tight black club dress that cuts just above the bottom of her buttcheeks
ad for Azur Lane game with the text "Limited Skins Now on Sale!" at the bottom, in the body of the ad are 4 anime girls, from left to right: a white haired girl with an underboob croptop sitting on a fence, a short black hair girl in a skimpy police outfit bikini with black thong on top of a shoe-string swimsuit bottom, a white haired kitsune girl on all 4s on a car pushing her butt out from under a short pleated skirt, and on the far right is a white haired girl in a ponytail in a boobs and butt pose

Boobs and Battleships Pose

I know this is an anime waifu version of the US naval carrier Enterprise and not the Star Trek ship, but also it's the Enterprise, so can I make a joke about how the boobs and butt pose is her starting to do a saucer separation?  *instantly hit with 10000 tomatoes*

Also, is Baltimore wearing a thong on top of her shorts? *wiping off tomato paste*

(Ad for Azur Lane, Manjuu and Yongshi)