panel from Samuree where Samuree is sword fighting a turban wearing bad guy with Samuree's bare butt and panty covered crotch facing the audience
panel from Samuree where Samuree is crouching with one leg up and the other leaned back with her butt facing the audience
panel from samuree showing samuree throwing a sai at the audience viewpoint while pointing her pantied butt at us
panel from samuree with a guy next to her saying "meaning we're noisy?" while Samuree stands with her butt pushed out facing the audience viewpoint with a massive atomic wedgie
panel from samuree showing samuree jumping up at a helicopter shooting down at her while the audience viewpoint looks up at her bare butt due to an atomic wedgie and her pantied crotch
panels from samuree showing samuree from the side thrusting her butt out and another panel below of her in a boobs and butt pose throwing shurikens

Samuree's butt is the true protagonist

More Samuree, this time from the 6th issue.  6 issues in and I think the audience viewpoint is even more fixed to her butt than ever before. Maybe that's her true superpower, she can force anybody to stare at her butt and be unable to move themselves away.

Or maybe her power is she can shrink you and that's why half of these have us at like the height of a hobbit.

Also her butt is alive and hungry that's why it keeps eating her pants.

(Panels from Samuree #6, Continuity Comics)