close up of Shining Beyond ad with a blonde long haired girl in white holding a sword and sticking out her butt
close up of Shining Beyond ad with a blonde girl in bikini armor except her chest area is covered in black mesh which doesn't fit the rest of her outfit
ad for Shining Beyond that says "Explore Limits. Level up and Promote your heroes!) with a purple anime girl on the right side and 2 screens with a blonde anime girl on her left, the furthest left one has the blonde girl thrusting her butt out and in a centaur rubber spine pose

Explore the limits of butt thrust poses and bikini armor

Submitted by anonymous

There's a lot going on here between the ostrich girl sticking her butt out at us and the battle bikini girl who couldn't find the rest of her armor so put stockings over her boobs.  But at least the ad is right, we're definitely exploring some sort of limits.

(Ad for Shining Beyond, XII Braves PTE LTD)