ad for Raid: Shadow Legends that reads: "Download Raid: Shadow Legends To Your PC To Fully Enjoy These Amazing Graphics" with 2 pictures of a CGI woman in a hood, on the left she's in full arm guard but with bikini armor and thigh high boots with holes in them, on the right she's in bikini armor with belts across her stomach and down her legs

The lost art of defensive belting

fractiousrvt submitted:

No obviously strange anatomy, but the woman on the left has rigid metal bikini underwear and all I can think about is "Well thank goodness her arms are covered! Wouldn't want her going around unprotected!" And apparently adding random belts to swimwear turns it into a 'real' outfit?

She's a belt model, obviously.  The bow and quiver are just part of the photo shoot's theme, but clearly her main job is to sell belts to adventurers.  Don't you want a cool belt?

Also maybe the belt buckles have magnets in them so every attempt to hurt her just gets drawn to her defensive belts.  It's brilliant.

(Ad for Raid: Shadow Legends, Plarium)