ad for "King's Throne" with the text: "Enjoy NEW Maiden Chambers! NSFW" with an illustration of 3 women, a brunette in a white and red dress and bow on the left, a blonde in a green dress in the centre, and a redhead in a green dress on the right, and big lens flares on their breasts

Shiny breasts

stonethrowingdevil submitted:

Hello! Have you all seen the freakish glowing chest game yet?

King's Throne has been featured on the blog before, but... not this ad.  A previous ad had also featured the boob lens flare effect but I think I just didn't notice it when looking at everything else (and that one had a lens flare through lingerie too).

I wonder what it is about this universe that causes breasts to be so shiny?  Maybe these women just misunderstood what "waxing your body" meant and buffed their boobs to a high quality shine like a car.

(Ad for King's Throne, GOAT Games)