ad for "" with a 3D render picture of Gwen Stacy in black headband in her Spider-Gwen outfit doing the splits on a roof with her buttcheeks encased in her suit as 2 black orbs, with the text "most addictive game PLAY NOW"
screenshot of "" showing the plain logo ("3Dgames") in the top left corner and a bunch of square thumbnails of the games that appear to be all flash games

Random Spider-Gwen Butt

Milkawa submitted:

I don’t know if that… thing can be posted here. I am pretty sure the site it advertise is a scam full of malwares. But for the sake of art, I present you the inflated Spider-Gwen

So I went (with extensive ad/script blockers on) and checked out the site, and it doesn't look at all like what the ad entails?  Which seems par for the course with these sexy ads where they're like "we promise you an orgy, my lord" or whatever and then it's actually just a very grindy tactics game or something.  Maybe Gwen is just so worn out by playing their addictive flash games that she needed to stretch before she plays more.

(Ad for