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From: by Satanael_95

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Persona 3/5 Dancing Moon/Star Night feminine armors

Atlus’ sexualization of its female cast with questionable “armor” costumes in its upcoming twin games earned a mild backlash from fans. One Reddit user Satanael_95_A attempted to “fix” the P5 side, the results are quite good IMHO.

P.S. The “high-cut armors” are originally in Persona 3 FES/Portable released in 2007/2009, but these look more unsightly when the characters are scaled to realistic proportion from the cartoonish one.

I like the redraw/fix!  As one of the commenters said in the reddit thread, they kept the midriff showing thing while also making the clothing more interesting, more unique to each character, and less ridiculous.  It also shows that you can have interesting & sexy character and costume design without out-of-place swimsuit armor that jars the audience out of immersion.