cover of Savage She-Hulk #2 part of the Dark Reign storyline showing She-Hulk's legs forming an upside-down V from the audience's perspective behind them looking at Lyra (Red-headed green woman in a red drop top and leggings) standing in an injured combat position, she is drawn to be very thin as are she-hulk's legs

Tiny She-Hulk

fuzzyraccoon submitted:

"This comes from issue 12 of Avengers vs. X-men: Uncanny Xmen (2012). I think the saddest thing about this isn’t that She-Hulk has a painfully thin waist and huge boobs, it’s that they’ve made a character who is actually supposed to be solid into a waif. 

[To anyone who cares, this was drawn by Greg Land.]"

I’m going to add this cover of two She-Hulks by J. Scott Campbell (from Savage She-Hulk #2) to the mix because it’s been sitting in my queue and it fits with the above submission.

This is what I meant when I was talking about superheroines with different body types being drawn with the body type of the artist’s preference.  She-Hulk IS sexy and beautiful, but in a body builder/bulk muscle athlete way.  She’s supposed to be big and tall and muscular (and with big breasts), but she looks like any other superheroine (thin, big breasts) in those two pictures.

J. Scott Campbell’s Savage She-Hulk (Lyra) just looks like Danger Girl except green with more defined musculature on her arms.   She-Hulk’s legs framing the picture look like mine (except my ankles are thicker).

One of the issues with how superheroines are drawn in comics, is that some of the artists aren’t drawing the heroines as much as they’re drawing the one female figure (and often, face) that they like with just different hair, skin colour, and clothing.

It doesn’t mean every superheroine has to look like a body builder, but that ones that do should be drawn as such.