panel of old Marvel comic showing She-Hulk in a white bathing suit supposedly walking but her back is bent 90 degrees under her ribs so her butt and torso are literally horizontal to her upper torso which is vertical (like a duck or an L shape)

She-Duck now in full 3D!

bishyt submitted:

"So I saw this submission of Donald Duck She-Hulk you posted earlier, and wanted to do something with it. Unfortunately i’m not that brilliant with anatomy myself, so redlining or fixing is out of the question.

What I do have however, is Daz Studio 4 and a lot of spare time on my hands."

Deathspeaker reblogs with:

"Just so you know, the original gif was animated, but Tumblr broke it being too large in size.

Imgur has no problem with it though."

Escher Girls responds:


Edit (Sept. 15, 2023): due to how the import from Tumblr interprets reblogs, I've completely rewritten this post and fixed the broken animated gif. Deathspeaker's reblog is now redundant, but I'm keeping it as a matter of record. The link to the original post on this blog is here.