There is a reason why it doesn't work.

There is a reason why it doesn't work.

drawingistmusashi submitted:

I went though most of this Tumblr and I noticed that a few of the pro artist use “life models” for their drawings, which is cool. But then they still have ACK OH GOD WHY anatomy/posing. Some of this you attributed to using more than one model per picture. Here is my experiment.

I posed as much boobs and butt and arched back as I could all at the same time, traced over it. Result? Even if an artist only uses ONE model, we see here that the b&b pose will always just look crazy and unnatural, especially if the character is supposed to be fighting. (Also notice the long hair, weird belly hole in the costume and board expression, my homage to the greats.)

For fun, Korra, trying to crack her back in the morning, I assume. Since that is the only time I’ve ever been in a pose nearly that stressful on purpose.

Redrawing yourself is brilliant.  That needs to be a game.  Heroic empowered woman ready to fight, or waking up and yawning?