ad for Crash Bandicoot re-release on Gameboy Advance, XBox, PS2, and Gamecube, the ad depicts Crash Bandicoot in a giant bed with 4 sexy girls with large busts and tiny waists in lingerie on either side of him with his arms around them, he has a grin on his face, the text says "He's got to have them all!  Crash Bandicoot, now available on Nintendo Gamecube!"

Big And Totally Not Fake News

We regret to inform you that starting today, April 1st, Escher Girls will be shutting down and will be soon rebranding with a sponsorship from the Bureau Of Orange Bandicoots to talk about how sexy bandicoots are, specifically Crash Bandicoot, who as you can see is extremely popular with the ladies in this really awesome and not at all weird ad!  

I know many of you will miss the site, but this is an unfortunate side effect of the massive boost I gave to the Radical Squirrel Economy last year, even though they ended up rejecting a permanent partnership (probably heard bad things about me after I criticized the sexy bird industry and the anatomically improbably fish industry in the past).  However, obviously the Bandicoot people liked how awesome I made squirrels look and wanted in on the action, so I guess I'm selling out for those big sexy bandicoot bucks.

So that's it for Escher Girls!  Unless.. the campaign falls through... then I'll have to continue running Escher Girls as normal tomorrow... >_>

But I'm sure it won't.  After all those girls in the ad are certainly having a good time.

(Ad for Crash Bandicoot, Naughty Dog, found in PLAY Magazine; also, obviously, happy April Fools!)

*I apologize for not doing a more extensive April Fools joke like previous years, I've been dealing with a personal issue so I didn't have time to do anything big, so I decided to share a funny ad that was shown to me that was kind of on-topic but also strange enough for April Fool's Day - Ami