fix of Velocity panel where her torso and back have been filled in so she doesn't look like her body is a tiny bent rubber hose as thin as her neck
panel from Shattered Image #1 by Image Comics showing Velocity standing in an extremely rubbery centaur pose with her butt out past her shoulders and her torso warped in a C shape

Velocity redraw fix

Reblogged from coriwithclass on Tumblr:

I thought the lovely lady in the green and gold would be an easy fix, so I opened my screenshot of her and flipped over to the marker in the editor but I was Not Prepared for just how much her posture was inspired by cooked pasta.

Her spine was folded in half and her helium boobs were escaping confinement, so I straightened that out, then gave her a better illusion of having a butt and a chin. I thought about tackling the tumor on her shoulder, but five minutes of edits only gets you so far.

I love a good asymmetrical costume so hopefully this lady gets a good artist at some point!

This is a pretty good fix given how weird the pose is even without the cooked pasta body warping.  It looks less like she's letting out a fart she's been holding in now at least.

I really like how you're trying to take on some of these poses!

(Redraw of panel from Shattered Image #1, Image Comics, referenced EG post here)