Cover art for the anime DNA squared DVD vol. 4 set showing a masked man with dark skin and purple hair and Kotomi Takanashi, an anime girl with short black hair in a pink and purple dancer's spandex, she is in a boobs and butt pose with her arms in the air, and her back bent 90 degrees with her butt sticking out to the right of her body

TFW Your Butt Really Wants to Escape

My friend started to watch DNA² so we revisited the art and I saw this and ouch, apparently when your DNA gets squared*, it turns you into some sort of rubber snake centaur hybrid.

(Cover of DNA² DVD vol. 4, Central Park Media)

*please do not correct me how inaccurate this is or about the plot of this anime, I unfortunately already know all about it >_>  On the other hand, I do like that it has a character named Ami :3