ad for Idle Huntress that says "Install" and "Idle Huntress: Adventure" at the bottom with the logo on the top left, the main ad is of a bunch of different anime girls in dresses and playboy style bunny ears sitting or bending down

Idle Bunnies

loveofmythology submitted:

This was an ad underneath a YouTube video that had diddly s- to do with any kind of game lol. Extremely f3tishy, and all of them are either bending over or leaning back with their boobs jutting out. Proper posture who

Maybe they're bunnies because they're the ones being hunted.  The bunny girls are being hunted by like the detached butt girls and they're trying their best to hide.  The one at the front is doing a pseudo centaur pose to practice blending in with the hunters.

Also at least they’ve put their dresses on properly and not backwards and upside down.

This is actually probably their best ad tbh.

(Ad for Idle Huntress, BluStar Games)