panel from newspaper comic strip "9 Chickweed Lane" of a blonde white woman in a striped red and white bikini swimming with her body shaped like a Tetris block (legs making a right angle with torso making a right angle with head and arms)

TFW you're rotating your Tetris block trying to find a place to fit it

siphersaysstuff submitted:

"9 Chickweed Lane", a syndicated newspaper comic, brings us the rare Tetrimino Woman.

Also... this is basically all the strip is anymore. A parade of poorly-drawn women the writer/artist is Horny On Main for 24/7.

The rare Tetris block in the wild, falling freely, trying desperately to find her spot to fit into and eliminate several lines.

As an aside, weird Tetris women are probably the least of the strip's concerns after the controversies of 2021 when it ran an arc during Pride where a gay character is "turned straight" by being with a woman, and when the strip got discontinued by the LA Times for using derogatory slurs.

There's an on-going commentary by David M. Willis' on the strip on Twitter, for those curious, which is where I think most people became aware of this panel.

(Panel from 04/10/2021 "9 Chickweed Lane" by Brooke McEldowney)