Ad for "Call me a Legend" with a snow white analogue topless with her back facing us saying "I can show you the world. A-hole new world"
ad for "Call me a Legend" with a snow white analogue lying in bed sheets saying "Oh Pinnochio did you lie about the size of your morning wood?"

Snow White, this is a zombie apocalypse, focus

haveievermentioned submitted:

I also got the full screen of the snow white one but couldn’t screenshot in time.

I looked into the game a bit. It’s a zombie RTS where if you give girls gifts you boost your stats and they get outfits. Seem to be… impractical for a zombie apocalypse too.

And as far as I can tell, no fairy tale rip offs in those girls either. But I’m not downloading to check.

This is one of the biggest disconnects between ad and game since those "you deserve an orgy" Wartune ads.  Also Snow White, a zombie apocalypse is not the time to be making such innuendo, there's no time to waste, be direct about your sexual needs.

(Ads for Call me a Legend: Game of Battle & Love, Empire Studios Inc.)