anime screenshot of a mermaid jumping up from the water she has a thigh gap between her legs and bikini before her tail begins
anime screenshot of two mermaids, they both have a thigh gap between their legs and bikini before their tail begins

Even Mermaids have to deal with the thigh gap standard now ):

the-hittite submitted:

In A Centaur’s Life, mermaids have thigh gaps.

Maybe I need to make a mermaid tag given how many weird mermaids we've had on this site.  Also, I was like "why do Mermaids need thigh gaps?  why do they need leg parts at all?" at first then I was like, oh right, so you can put a bikini bottom on them and you can imply they've got something there to have sex with.  Tbh though, this makes them look more like snake women...