anime scorpion girl with green hair and a veil over her bottom face, her breasts are covered with a purple bikini, while she has a scorpion lower-half with legs and a tail, her butt is also hanging out on top of the scorpion half

Poor scorpion girl needs to hoard toilet paper too

jdsm24 submitted:

Well, here’s more of that trope from the other (in)famous monstergirl series from Japan, The Monster Girl Encyclopedia (which is basically the DND Monster Manual done sex-tourism-style) by Kenkou Cross (famous from being the official artist of Japan’s Spice and Wolf multi-media franchise), which became a global on-line cult sensation for a decade or so before it became formally published in Japan and then officially licensed and translated into English by Seven Seas Entertainment.  

This is his take on the ancient Akkadian civilization’s Girtablilu (scorpion-taur), the most famous is of course, Dwayne Johnsons’ version of The Scorpion King, from Brendan Fraser’s version of The Mummy franchise. 

Okay, whenever they get around to remastering The Mummy 2's CGI, they better have The Scorpion King's butt hanging out too or I'm going to be disappointed xD