page from how to draw manga book with a green haired anime girl with boobsock dress at the front, kneeling with a weapon, at the back is a pink haired girl in a blue dress who appears to be facing us but her legs are turned as if she's running in the complete opposite direction

The true Escher Girl has arisen

heathergreyfeather submitted:

Found this while cleaning out one of my harddrives. I’m not sure of the name of the book it’s from, only that it’s a Japanese How to Draw Manga book.

It nearly looks OK until you realize the girl’s back legs turned away from the viewer… Also gargantuan/long arms but that’s less of a problem compared to the swivel waist LOL


The pink girl... her legs... what... this is a true Escher Girl worthy of the Escher painting reference...

I... can't...

(From How to Draw Manga: Source (some NSFW) )