Female spitfire design from Dungeon Fighter Online showing a blonde haired girl with a long single braid, she is in tight black hotpants and has a tactical vest on, she is in a pose where her legs and lower half are jumping away from the bottom left side but her upper half looks like it's coming down toward the lower left in a boobs and butt pose like her lower half is in a jumping pose but her upper half is in a front kick pose

True Escher Girl

sing-faa submitted:

Here’s the female spitfire 2nd awakening art from Dungeon Fighter Online. She’s supposed to be in the air but I don’t know what direction she’s flying at. Any guesses?

Her body rotates like a propeller to emulate the actual spitfire plane?

This is a true Escher Girl, if you follow her top half it looks like she's throwing a forward kick, but if you follow her lower half it looks like she's jumping away. The literal embodiment of the fight or flight reflexes at war.

(Female Spitfire art from Dungeon Fighter Online, Neople)