ad for Lyssa: Goddess of Rage mobile game showing a blonde (probably AI generated) white woman wearing a white medical hat with a red cross and a white and blue outfit with boob window with a slider underneath that says "face", the second picture next to her focuses on her breasts with a slider that says "chest"
screenshot from ad for Lyssa: Goddess of Rage that shows a light skinned woman with dark hair in a blue beret and blue jacket holding a sniper rifle that says "Claim Territories", the woman looks very much like a young Ana Amari from Overwatch except with much lighter skin and no eye tattoo
screenshot of mobile ad for "LYSSA: Goddess of Rage" showing "Mrs. Headshot" who is a prob ably AI generated woman with black hair and glasses with 2 robot arms coming from her shoulders, she is wearing a white jacket draped over her shoulders, and a white V cut shirt that shows her large breasts and is wearing a black skirt and stockings while holding a tablet

We have Ana and Mercy at home too

As a follow-up to yesterday's "We have Cammy at home" Lyssa: Goddess of Rage ad, I've been seeing these ads everywhere on YouTube, and the game also apparently has Mercy and Ana (with lighter skin) from Overwatch at home too. 

Also, people on Mastodon were speculating whether or not the Lyssa art was AI generated and edited to fix any problems like hands because it has that "look" to it (and Not!Cammy's hands are kinda weird, one looking like an indistinct black square behind her head).  And the doctor girl with glasses and the shoulderbot hands looks extremely like the kind of art AI tends to spit out when you ask for a sexy illustrated woman.  But, apparently hands are more visible in game and some of the characters do have 3D models, so the discussion was inconclusive.

Either way, the girls all have a very samey look to them.  Also, boob sliders, because of course.  I wonder how accurate any of the advertising is to the actual game.

(Ads for Lyssa: Goddess of Rage, Panoramik Games)