cover of grimm fairy tales 58 showing a woman with black hair and glasses in a blue frilly bra/corset top and yellow short shorts holding a sword, she has her butt thrust out and her back bent in a rubbery way and a very long torso

Happy 12th Anniversary to Escher Girls!

It's the 12th anniversary of Escher Girls*!  I can't believe it's been so long. o_o 

Anyway, I had to find this image again while I was restoring the post it was in, and it's such a classic from the early days of the blog, that I figured I'd post it again for the anniversary, so people who weren't around back in the early years can see it.

Apparently, we need to be more careful around funhouse mirrors because the warped images inside can come out to attack us. o_o

(Cover of Grimm Fairy Tales #58, Zenescope Entertainment)

*(Yes, I know what day it is but unfortunately that's also when I started the site)