ad for "Aura Kingdom" game with the text "Watch your back" and "Play Free" with a CGI blonde anime-style girl with a green beret with her back to us tilting her shoulder but in an extremely twisted pose to show her butt (with her left butt cheek aligned with her right shoulder)

Watch your butt?

hug-all-platelets submitted:

The only thing I can say in this... thing's favor is that at least she's fully protected? Other than that, I don't even know.

Also, I didn't know watching your back involved touching your butt.

Another picture where I'm not initially sure if her clothing is just making it look like she's swiveling her butt 90 degrees at us or if that's her hips covered by the armor.  At first glance it looked like she was sticking her butt as us, but I think from the belt and the lower armor piece, she has her hand on the side of her hips.

(Ad for Aura Kingdom, Aeria Games)

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