cover of "Winx Club: Saving Alfea" Nintendo 3DS game with 3 of the Winx girls (blonde haired at the left back, red hair in the front and brown haired on the right back) in hands on hips poses where their torsos are bendy noodles and their butts are thrust out and it is hard to tell if they're doing a boobs and butt pose or just incredibly swayed to one side

Winx Club Ouch Redux

gemcandy submitted:

I was browsing nostalgia games when I passed by this one. Apparently, you don’t need your spine to correctly connect to your hips when you’re a fairy lol, this whole show had anatomy that was hecka off.

I guess not surprisingly this cover was actually featured on this blog 6 years ago (wow I’ve been at this a long time xD ) but it’s still so amazing that I think it deserves an encore (also because now I can add descriptive captions for the sight-impaired).  It’s still so hard to tell if they’re doing a boobs and butt pose or are just being centaur snakes.  I’m a fan of Winx Club too, but even for their stylization this is something.  The outfits are nice though.

(Cover of Winx Club: Saving Alfea for the Nintendo 3DS, Little Orbit)