Excerpt from Christopher Hart's "Drawing Cutting Edge Fusion Comics", panel that reads "Woman is Dominant" with the female character in the foreground, audience viewpoint is looking up at her butt with her facing away from us toward two other characters, below that panel reads "Mutant is Dominaint" with the large male mutant character looking at the other two characters, the audience viewpoint is facing his back

Dominant butt shot

When the woman is dominant, the audience should be looking at her ass.  I mean, I suppose that tracks... I guess we're the ones being dominated.

(Excerpt from "Drawing Cutting Edge Fusion: American comics with a Manga Influence" by Christopher Hart)

Text on page for screenreaders:

Positioning the Dominant character:

Whether you've got two, three of twelve characters in a scene, you've got to make one of them stand out among the rest, otherwise the panel will lack focus.  Position that dominant figure closer to the others.  To make the composition even better, place characters so that they overlap each other.  That really cements them as a group.